Best High Security Lock Brands

High Security Locks

Best High Security Locks Brands

Locksmiths are very significant to both commercial and residential properties and even automobiles. They offer services which make sure that the security of your car or premises is not compromised. They provide installation services, repair services and even lock upgrades and maintenance services in your areas. If you are going for new lock installations, you should make sure that you choose a professional company or qualified and experienced locksmiths to handle the process and fetch you the best results at the end.

Have you ever take a look at the locks on your front door? Do they have a nice shiny brass finish? Do you have a keyed entry? Well, if you’re like most people then your locks are branded either Kwikset or Schlage or some no-name brand. What a lot of people don’t know is that these locks are just as good as no lock. A complete amateur can manipulate these locks within seconds. Not to mention using brute force would require no skill at all but would get the job done right away. So what can you do? Well, there are solutions; and one of the best solutions is installing high-security locks instead of your cheap locks from Home Depot.

Best High Security Locks

As an emergency locksmith, having those cheap locks is great, they don’t have any difficulty at all unlocking doors with such locks. What about an invader? Does he find it easy as well? The answer is Yes! This is where high-security locks play a role. A few brands offer these high-security locks; Mul-T-Lock and Medeco are the most popular. These brands carry a solid reputation for over three decades now and provide the best security for any business or homeowner. So what’s so special about these locks? Well for starters the build quality is great; they are made of solid brass rather than empty tin like your standard common lock. The deadbolt which is one of the most popular products that has a bolt which retracts a full inch within your door frame. Also, this bolt has ball bearings on both sides of it which interlock with the frame, making it difficult to pry open even with a crowbar. There are steel inserts that are placed strategically in the lock, and this prevents drilling of the lock. The entire mechanism is shielded with a metal cover to prevent “ice picking”; this is when one would insert an object between the lock and the door to manipulate the mechanism. This lock is almost impossible to pick, and even if possible, exceptional skill and very special tools would be required.

The keys that come along with high-security locks are non-duplicate keys. I’m sure many of you have seen non-duplicate keys before, but it’s not enough to just stamp “Do not duplicate” on a key. These high-security keys come along with a special code card (looks similar to a credit card); this card contains the information required to duplicate a key. In other words, only you can authorize making additional copies of your key. This is usually referred to as key control.

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High-security locks are obviously more expensive than your standard lock, but it’s true what they say – “You get what you pay for!” – These locks offer real value in security rather than close to none. They offer a variety of features and functions that make them worth their price tag. They come with a lifetime warranty on all mechanical failures, which that alone shows how these manufacturers are confident with their products. Make sure a professional locksmith installs these locks. There is only one locksmith in Peoria, Arizona that you can rely on; Peoria Locksmith. Peoria Locksmith provides a professional 24-hour Locksmith service across Peoria, Arizona. If you want a company who is Credible, Trustworthy and Fairly Priced. Peoria Locksmith will offer just that! To know more about Peoria Locksmith, click here.