What is Security Door & Security Door Locks

Security Door & Security Door Locks

Security Door & Security Door Locks

Your safety, security and protection at home is only as good as the locks on your doors and other means of entry. Make sure these locks are as secure as possible. Make your front door extremely safe and secure with a security door or security door locks. What is security door & security door locks? Turn any door into a security door to add extra safety measures to prevent break ins.

What is security door & security door locks

A security door adds extra door techniques to provide for additional security. These include adding elements such as peep holes, high quality locks, pick-proof cylinders and barrels, detectors for motion and forced entry attempts, reinforced security bars, alarm systems, additional lock installation, or burglar proof strike plates.


Look Before You Open The Door

Installing peep holes is one extra that makes a door more security. These small openings in the door allow you to look outside and see who is standing there before opening the door to potential danger.



Turn your door into a security door with a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt is the fastest way to secure your front door. These locks increase security because they make it more difficult to break in. Extra security is added when you select a double-sided deadbolt that has a keyhole to lock and unlock on both sides of he doors. Selecting a deadbolt with longer screws reinforces it even more.



For a lock to be completely secure, it needs to be pick-proof and resist break-in attempts that use force. In addition to a deadbolt securing your door, install a pick-proof cylinder and barrel lock that is more difficult to bump.

Security Door & Security Door Locks

Strike Plates

Strike plates are an important part of a door lock. They are designed to resist high impact force while remaining intact.


Security Bars

Security bars are great with glass or other fragile doors to add reinforcement. They add an extra layer of protection from break-ins.


Security System

Security systems include more than just an alarm. Motion detectors add peace of mind and security to any home or business when you pair them with a security door.


Security extras are sometimes installed on the doorjamb or inside surface of the door. These provide light security and are most often used in combination with another lock like a deadbolt. These security extras include items like a door strike plate that is a metal plate affixed to a doorjamb with one or more holes for the bolt. Another security door lock extra is a door security guard latch that is installed to the inside surface of the door. It unlocks easily from the inside and cannot be unlocked from the outside but does open slightly to peek outside or to allow for ventilation.


When you want a professional to help make your home safe, it’s time to ask a qualified locksmith technician what is security door & security door locks? A local technician will be able to recommend and install whatever extra elements you need to make your home secure.