Double Sided Deadbolt

Double Sided Deadbolt

What is double sided deadbolt? and when you need it.

Your home should be where you feel the safest, and your safety and security is determined by the quality and type of locks you use. In researching locks, you will soon discover that a double-sided deadbolt is considered to be one of the most secured types of locks available. It’s important to know what is double sided deadbolt? And, when you need it.

Deadbolt Locks

You’ve installed a deadbolt on your door, so you’re completely safe and secure from burglars, right? While installing a deadbolt is a wise security choice, if your deadbolt has a turn-latch style on the inside to lock and secure it, a burglar may still be able to open your doors.

Intruders often use force to break your door’s locks and gain entry to your home. A deadbolt helps to keep your doors securely locked despite a blunt-force entry attempt as it uses a steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strike plate of a door frame.

Single-cylinder deadbolt locks are the most commonly used type of deadbolt. These locks are unlocked or locked by twisting a knob that are located inside the door and requiring a key to lock or unlock from the outside. A double-cylinder, or double-sided deadbolt does not have the twist knob as it requires a key to lock or unlock both the inside and the outside of the a double-sided deadbolt.

A double sided deadbolt is a good idea if your locks are located next to a window alongside the door. A thief will be able to break the window, reach in, and turn the lock knob to open your door. It’s that easy, and they are now inside your home to steal your valuables or cause you and your family harm.

A burglar is not your only potential threat when you have a single-sided deadbolt. If you have children who are able to turn the knob to open the door or an elderly parent living with you in early stages of dementia perhaps, they can simply turn the bolt, unlock the door, open the door and wander off. Or, someone in the house trying to be helpful, turns the lock to let out a pet who then is in danger of running away.Double Sided Deadbolt

Double Sided Deadbolt

A double-sided deadbolt secures your door by requiring a key to open both sides of the lock. Because of the way it is designed, it makes it more difficult for burglars to break in as well as securing the people inside making it more difficult for anyone to wander off.

Of course, no locking device is perfect, and these locks are not allowed everywhere. Check with local fire codes to identify where double-sided deadbolts are not recommended or not allowed. The main, and one of the only, danger in using a double-sided deadbolt is in case of a fire or if you have the need to exit quickly and cannot locate the key to unlock the bolt.

Even if you have a double-sided deadbolt on your door, it won’t make much of a difference in keeping you safe if it is not installed properly or if you don’t use it to lock your doors. Deadbolts work by securing the door with a bolt that is extended fully into the hole on the door jamb. The hole should be reinforced with a metal strike plate for complete security. After you have a double-sided deadbolt lock installed, make sure you keep a key within close proximity to the lock to make it more convenient for locking and unlocking, but make sure it is out of arm’s reach from the door and out of reach of children.

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